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Plant Safety Services
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Plant Safety Services Provided by Technical Environmental Services

With over 25 years of experience, TES’s Plant Safety Services division offers a data driven, quality solution to Confined Space Attendants, Fire Watches, Bottle Watches, Flaggers, and Water Crew personnel. With an emphasis on hands-on-training, mentoring, and auditing protocols, TES prides itself on completing Maintenance and Turnarounds with no injuries or compensable cases, while staying on budget. With our in-house Technical programs, coupled with our unique Supervision, TES will deliver.

  • Confined space attendants
  • Fire watches
  • Bottle watches
  • Flaggers
  • Water crew
  • Light laborers


TES Remote Confined Space Monitoring SystemRemote Confined Space Monitoring System Offers

Having Trouble Finding Personnel for your Turnaround?

Do you want to use Technology to improve safety and health on your turnaround?

Do you want to save time and money during your turnaround?


TES is offering the latest in Remote Confined Space Monitoring. Alongside TES’s Fire Watch personnel, Bottle Watch personnel, Confined Space Attendants, Water Crew, and Light Laborer, this Remote Confined Space Monitoring technology will enhance your shutdown’s and turnaround’s safety and health performance. TES’s Remote Confined Space Monitoring System offers:

  • Badge tracking in and out of confined spaces,
  • Gas detection in confined spaces,
  • Two-way communication inside and outside the confined spaces,
  • Continuous video inside and outside the confined spaces,
  • Thermo-cameras inside the confined spaces, and
  • Data analytics to improve your shutdown and turnaround performance.

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