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TES’ Restoration Services post-Natural Disaster

TES’ Restoration Services Post-Natural Disaster

Restoration Services:

TES’ on-staff EH&S experts save you time and money after a natural disaster. Through our proven process, TES will mobilize its personnel to the location and perform moisture mapping. TES’
trained professionals will:

  1. Identify the building materials which need to be removed, as well as those which can be safely dried-out.
  2. Calculate and recommend the proper amount of drying equipment,
  3. Identify any asbestos building materials, and
  4. Oversee the removal and/or drying-out process.

Typically, our firm works directly for public and private building owners, condominium associations, school systems, and insurance companies.

What Makes TES Different:

TES is an EH&S firm that has on-staff Certified Industrial Hygienists, accredited/licensed asbestos personnel, mold experts, along with other EH&S expertise. TES also has the infrastructure to quickly staff-up personnel to assist in restoration efforts.

Case Study:

Following a recent hurricane in Louisiana, TES assisted the largest school system in Louisiana to safely and quickly return over 50,000+ students and faculty to 80+ schools. We accomplished this by quickly mobilizing, having the on-staff technical expertise, and effective communication to the client and the restoration companies.

Let us help you plan for your response to a natural disaster.

Contact us at (504) 348-3098 or (409) 333-4090

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