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Ever consider being a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)? But don’t know where to start? Check out this post from Bowen EHS that outlines a 10-step approach to becoming a CIH! Choosing to become a Certified Industrial Hygienist is challenging but definitely a rewarding path to take. TES is proud of all our CIHs!

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Here’s how ventilation can improve worker health⬇️ “Ventilation is an art combined with a science. Often we need others to help us in this evaluation and making judgments based on what the data is showing us.” Who better to help than TES? Remember, we offer IAQ Monitoring and Safety Consulting services! Check those services out […]

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Mask Fatigue is real, but here’s how to COMBAT it! We know wearing a #mask is an important step in slowing the spread of COVID-19. TES is here to make that step a little easier by sharing this infographic! Thank you to Comfort Care Hospice for putting together these Breathing Guidelines as part of their Commitment of […]

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Cullen Whittaker, CIH, CSP and Brent Olivier, GSP were in the office today fit-testing PPE. For PPE to be effective, it should fit properly. TES provides Fit-Testing services that allow our experts to make sure PPE is secure. PPE can protect from airborne illnesses and other hazards so it’s important that it fit properly! For […]

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Chris Robertson, CIH, CSP, President and CEO of Technical Environmental Services (TES), went on to share his experience with COVID-19 on LinkedIn Friday afternoon. “I feel compelled to share my recent experience with COVID-19. My wife and I believe we caught the virus on Friday 6/3 at our gym. We were not wearing a mask […]

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It is no secret that procedures are going to be different when workplaces reopen post-COVID. Should companies consider hiring a Chief Health Officer to combat viral spreads and keep workers safe? Some companies have Chief Environmental Officers, but Health could take on a different meaning. Plus, CHOs won’t need a Medical background like some Chief […]

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TES is the cure for Occupational Lung Diseases, because our Indoor Air Quality Monitoring services can detect airborne particles and from there we can implement a plan of action. Some of the symptoms of Occupational Lung Disease take years to show. The safety of your employees should be TOP priority! Check out this video from […]

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We understand running essential errands can be challenging in this new environment. Whether it be grocery shopping, delivery/takeout, banking, or getting gas, TES wants to keep you safe!👍 Which is why we want to share these CDC recommendations on staying safe while running those essential errands. Check it out! #tes #covid #safety

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The Safety+Health Magazine, the Official Magazine of the NSC Congress & Expo, has shared some important info on heat stress hazards and how to tackle them. TES wants to help share this information with our social media followers and those we can reach. Check out the article here…

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For PPE to be effective, it has to fit properly. Did you know that TES provides services such as Fit-Testing to make sure PPE is secure and will protect against airborne illnesses and other hazards? The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has shared this tip and others in ‘Safety News You Need: Respiratory Protection.’ Check it […]

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