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Chris Robertson, CIH, CSP on Masking Up

Chris Robertson, CIH, CSP, President and CEO of Technical Environmental Services (TES), went on to share his experience with COVID-19 on LinkedIn Friday afternoon.

“I feel compelled to share my recent experience with COVID-19. My wife and I believe we caught the virus on Friday 6/3 at our gym. We were not wearing a mask at the gym. In hindsight, my wife’s symptoms started on Sunday and mine on Tuesday night. I worked on Tuesday. I worked close to coworkers and a client. We all wore masks. My coworker and client are not sick – thank God. I am not too sure how infectious I was on Tuesday but I am very glad that I wear a mask at work while around other people. I would have felt horrible if I caused anyone to be infected.

I am writing this because I feel very strongly that if we all “mask up”, we can get this virus under control and protect others. #maskup #simpleenough

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